Our instincts are being modified all through the life…

Use of the term “instinct” in relation to a human being is still of a polemical character (с.) But let me disagree.

Do you know what distinguishes the tango-animal? First of all the connection with own instincts and intuition does…That magnetism which you can hardly explain using the visible and obvious factors…Smell, breath and the total concentration on feeling the moment, touching a partner …

Tango-animals move absolutely naturally, they have plastics and organics precisely because they have not tried to search the position they might stand to look nice and pretty… strain here & stretch there… They’ve just been searching for other things! For sensations, for feelings… their purpose was not to impress others (by the way, unfortunately tango-people usually spend a lot of nervous energy for making an impression on other people).

For this very rare and exotic species of tango-animals it is very important the following: the way the feeling is being arisen, the way and methods of energy transformation, the way of getting pleasure and delight, the way of developing and cultivating this game.

Who are they – tango-animals?

Tango animals in real life do not look like ordinary people. They have funny habits or even strange hobbies. They move dancing…always. And they are always ready to play. Therefore they are animals and they do not have anything imaginary, studied and special, snobbish and pretentious, arrogant and so on. And at this very moment everyone (all tango people) could breathe a sigh of relief and say: “Well, lucky they are!”…

But I assure you that there is own history and own way of searching, overcoming fears and doubts and the path itself behind the back of each tango-animal. They have just managed to find a wonderful, subtle path inward to theirown nature, to their own sensations, feelings, intuition and instincts, and from simple people which they were many years ago they have been reincarnated into tango-animals at last!


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