FOCUS – that is a new series of classes and I think we’ll start with…TANGO, so


The idea of this class has come to my mind, to be specific — into my body, when I returned from the yet another tango festival where we spent at the seminars all days and at milongas — all the nights. And suddenly there my body whooped and squealed: “I perfectly understand that it is very essential for you but what about me? To dance so much on the tiled floor and high heels? And what about stretching, warming up, flexing and recovering?”

There in Italy I had no time to think about all these things and crying of my body, and when I came back home I realized that I brought not only the new technique and new vision of dancing …but also the back pain. And exactly at that time I thought about all those people, always coming back from the festivals, marathons, dancing till the morning at milongas.

The body is a sophisticated and quite perfect instrument, very thankful and sensitive to whatever we do with it.

Professional dancers, teachers, performers, those who give classes, just enthusiastic dancing people, those who are constantly experiencing and suffering from physical overload and those who while falling asleep imagine themselves in dance, perhaps even on the stage, but have never been at any classes during the whole their life and even those who used not to attend physical training classes….can all of them meet at one and the same class? Is it really possible?

By all means, yes! And that is the most inspirational and incredible thing!

Anyone, even the famous dancer needs support, perhaps even more than someone else who is in the very beginning of the way. And I must say that it’s so great to have the opportunity to share experiences, to inspire and support each other. And it’s also so important to remember that everything in our life starts with a dream anyway!

Pilates, hatha yoga, ballet class, release … many wonderful techniques, which different exercises have gathered, like pearls from the shells, let’s call them better «tricks».

Peripheral muscle relaxation, working out the internal, deep muscles.
Economical mode of the body work.
Exemption from the wrong physical habits, (patterns of) breathing and movement.
Recovery and forming up the body for dancing.

Working with the footing (our favorite feet).
Pelvis – the perfect support.
Back bone – the reflection of the life style.
Breathing and attention, focus onto the body.

We look forward to our meeting with great pleasure and curioisity,


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