TANGO english




Tango and a Colored Piece of Glass…

Why do I teach tango?

Because one day I found for myself something so wonderful and illuminating that my life has never been the same — like when you look at the sky through a colored lens and instantly your entire world is transformed.

Do you remember how magical it was as a child to discover a colored piece of glass that excited your imagination and remade everything you saw into a colorful dreamscape? To warm it in your palm, to put it in your pocket, only to take it out again to watch how it made the light sparkle?

Then, just at that moment, to notice a friend of yours looking sad and to open his clenched fist and put into his hand the most precious, valuable thing you have at that moment of your life — your colored piece of glass.

For me the sheer joy of his smile made me so happy that the whole world around us became a kaleidoscope of color — exciting and amazing …

Teaching tango is just the same…I found in a pile of grey sand my beautiful, sparkling piece of colored glass and I really want to share it. To put it into the palm of anybody who at this very moment may feel sad and lonely.

Together we can find the world of shimmering colors and share a carelessly whimsical laugh.


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