The key lies in the title … Sense, feelings, sensations, emotions, emotional stresses — that is the basis of this dance course.
This dance can not exist in isolation from the emotions.

Dance – is the language, code, non-verbal way of communication, it can represent, allegorize anything if it is filled with the emotional meaning. For recent time I’ve been watching how the dance becomes a movement just for the movement … and it is very sad to be a spectator of such kind of the «show».

Not WHAT you dance is important but HOW you do it, WHAT is in your mind while dancing, WHAT you feel. It is very important WHAT you are dancing for, WHY, and WHOM you are dancing FOR is also very important…

As Baudelaire wrote: “The woman is an invitation to the happiness”. It is really the fact, no doubts
But first of all a woman should be happy herself and glad with her appearance, plastic, movements, the manner of walking…

Thus SENSUAL DANCE – is a continuous plastic demonstration of inner, emotional world of a woman, her inner freedom, reflected in every movement…


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