MARINA english


The happiest moments of my life have all come from dancing.

I remember as a very young girl always dancing in my tiny ballet flats. It was such a big part of my life that everything else I did was relegated to the rare moments when I wasn’t dancing. In this way I danced my way through my education, first in music and then in art.

Whenever I felt sad or something did not work, I gave up everything and danced and danced. I would stay there dancing all alone until the pain disappeared and passed into nothingness. When I felt happy and joyful, I danced even more and with greater pleasure.

When I was about four years old my father bought a piano for me, hoping that someday I would become a music teacher. His dream came true – almost. Today, as a teacher of dance, every day of my life is inseparably related to music.

And I must say that it is the greatest happiness and fortune to do what you really love. Life takes on a completely different and valuable depth in spite of how external circumstances change, and you realize a great significance and spirit in every moment, in every day, and in the whole of life.

I can honestly say that DANCE is the biggest, most sincere and most devoted LOVE of my life.




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